We have a wide variety of Products from used to new from the factory items. We put in the necessary work to locate only the best products for our customers which is something that we take much pride in. Our sales team has all the tools at hand to deal with all your engine and transmission needs because we work hand in hand with other engine and transmission warehouses nation wide. This allows us to track down the best quality parts at the best possible price for our customers. All our products come with six month unlimited mileage warranties on used products, and three year warranties on our new and remanufactured items. We also deliver we have low cost delivery options just ask your sales rep.



If you are looking for a low mileage quality used engines and/or transmissions you have come to the right place we only sale the best here. We have over twenty years experience at buying and selling used engines and transmissions. We have domestically used engines and transmissions for most foreign and domestic vehicles. So if we don't have it in stock will work hard for you to find it. All of our used products go through a rigorous inspection process and if they don't pass our inspections they don't get sold we learned a long time ago that you don't get anywhere in this business by selling bad units so we don't.


All of our used engines and transmissions come cleaned and fully inspected. They generally come with six month unlimited mileage warranties. Extended warranties are available to all customers just ask your sales rep. 


We take pride in selling only the best quality of used engines and transmissions. We here at EMI do what we can to provide our customers with great warranties and quality parts. So we do all we can to give the best possible deals.

Remanufactured Engines & Transmissions

Our reman units are of the very best quality. We take pride in these units and it shows because we back them up with some of the best warranties in the business. Our units come with three year unlimited mileage warranties that cover parts and labor nationwide. All remanufactured units come with complete gasket set that are top of the line. We have Reman for new and older vehicles as well as for most foreign and domestic vehicles.


Our reman units are top of the line and no one can beat them. Each unit is carefully manufactured by qualified technicians with years of experience to ensure the very best quality. Before any customer receives one of these units they are dyno tested and fully inspected to make sure all units are free form defect or faulty parts. All units come with all the factory updates and upgrades.


 We do also carry remanufactured transmissions. Most of our units will come with a 3 year or 100K mile parts and labor warranty. These units come fully tested and manufactured with only the best parts. They will also come with balanced and matched torque converters. We offer both foreign and domestic units just ask your sales rep for more details.

JDM Engines & Transmissions


What is a JDM engine or transmission? They are Japanese emission takeout units. Now in Japan they do not work there vehicles as hard as we do; they are more for show. Believe it or not but there gas is more expensive than ours and they do not have traditional body shops so in some cases if a vehicle has body damage that you or I would just fix they can not. 


But a lot of the units we sell come from an inspection process that they have to go through called SHAKEN. In Japan they have very strict emission policies so when a vehicle reaches a certain age it must go through the SHAKEN process. Once the vehicle has gone through the inspection that is when the owner is faced with a difficult decision to either scrap the car or to go through and make the necessary repairs which in a lot of cases end up totaling more than the vehicles worth.


For these reasons we are able to import quality low mileage engines and transmissions.  Each unit is carefully inspected being hot run, compression tested and than cleaned before even being put onto the containers. Than they are shipped over here to America where we re-cleaned and inspected to make sure they meet our quality and to also insure we only sell the best quality to our customers. These units come with less than sixty thousand miles and come with six month unlimited mileage warranties.


Now for you custom guys we also have whole front clips available. These are also import from Japan and have less than fifty thousand miles. They are all right hand drive clips and they come complete from steering wheel to front bumper. We have a wide range of front clips available for Honda's, Nissan's, and Toyota's.