We have rebuild options for engines and transmissions for most foreign and domestic vehicles. Rebuilds are performed for one of a few reasons either to strengthen a design flaw from the manufacturer, for performance reasons, repair a problem the unit currently has or to simply freshen up a part that has extreme fatigue. 


Our basic rebuild packages replace the parts that are designed to wear out. On Engine Rebuilds Packages include new pistons and rings, rod bearings, seals gaskets, and machine heads, block, and crankshafts. Our Transmission Packages include new torque converters, clutches, steal kits, seals, and gaskets. Rebuilding an engine or transmission is not the same as purchasing a new or a remanufactured unit. Our rebuilds come with 12 month or 12 thousand mile warranties covering parts and labor except on Performance jobs.

Here at EMI when we say service with a smile we mean it. We have a service department that is ready to handle any job. Where not just an wholesale to the public engine and transmission supplier and installer but we are also a full service automotive shop servicing all of North Georgia. We offer a wide variety of services and our technicians have all the latest updated equipment to handle all your automotive needs. We also have rebuild options on a lot of major parts from your rear end to your engine.

automotive services


We can handle all your automotive service needs from oil changes to complete overhauls we can take care of it. We offer a wide range of different services such as electrical system diagnostics, engine and transmission diagnostics, A/C service, Fuel Care services, BG Services, and Transmission Fluid Transfer Machine just to name a few. Every vehicle that is taken in undergoes a complete diagnosis and inspection procedure to ensure that only the necessary repairs are done and that the initial problem that your having is addressed. This process is performed to benefit our customers so they can be made aware of any repairs that will need to be address in the future.


We have a friendly and experienced service staff that is ready to handle any of our customers needs. We work hand and hand with our customers to provide only top level service. After our diagnosis procedure is completed the customer is contacted and presented with a quote for the parts and labor on the repairs that are needed. No repair is performed on your vehicle without your approval first. So just give us a call and see if there is anything we can do for you.



On every engine or transmission we install we back up with a 12 month or 12 thousand mile warranty that not only covers the parts but the labor on those parts. What this means is that if you have a problem with items we installed and they have to come back off you don’t have to pay for the labor to do them again. We believe in doing the job right the first time so our customers don’t have to waste time or money with a down vehicle. We can handle almost any job imaginable from your every day drivers to your custom and classic rides.


We also have some of the most comprehensive installation packages around. All of the engines that are installed at our facilities gets new general maintenance parts that include new timing belt (when applicable), water pump, thermostat, spark plugs, filters, and fluids the engine is also resealed with all new external seals and gaskets. Our transmission jobs are done with the same care in mind we flush your old transmission lines, install a new external cooler, transmission oil filter, and all external seals and gaskets. Every part listed here are preventative maintenance parts that are replaced to save you on future labor cost and to ensure that your new engine or transmission is running at optimum efficiency.